Thursday, November 7, 2013

These times are a changin'

It has been a long, LONG time since I have been to this lovely little blog of mine, but its nothing like a child of your's entering a new stage in her life and you feeling completely overwhelmed and underprepared to get my creative writing juices flowing! So, Max and the 11th Dinosaur is going to take a new direction in life, just as my children are beginning to do the same.

When I suspected I was pregnant with my first child, heretofore referred to as S (she as asked for me not to use her full name or post pictures of her because "stalkers are on the internet") I devoured books that prepared me for the next ten+ months (both of the little buggers were 2 weeks late). Then once she got here, I read and re-read What To Expect the First Year like it was going out of style. By the time she, and by then her brother H, (I thought I would just continue this facade of anonymity) were toddlers I was taking Child Development and Psychology courses out the ying-yang, so I felt prepared for what to expect for the next 8-10 years. But now they are 10 and almost 12 (less than a month away) and the prospect of pre-teen and teenage (GASP) years mere days away I find myself completely overwhelmed with what is going on and what is coming! And the available, trusted sources are few and far between.

So... I have decided to mostly devote this blog, for the time being, to life with pre-teens and teen-agers. There is so much going on in their brains and bodies and so many new experiences for us parents, sometimes I find I am completely befuddled and want to know why the answer can't be locking them in padded rooms for the next 8-10 years! I hope some the things I write about help others and, who knows, maybe we can all learn together!

OK, dinner is starting to sizzle! Got to Go!!