Sunday, November 2, 2008

Costumes these days!

Of course this Friday was Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. And one thing that does require a little musing about are the costumes that girls feel are appropriate for them to wear. Almost every girl over the age of 13 was dressed in some type of inappropriate rendition of a normal costume. Such as "pirate girls" or "fairies," "sailor," even Minnie Mouse. They all were wearing clothes that looked like they bought them at Hustler and they thought it was something they should wear outside of the house. There are many things that I don't understand about these costumes, but the main one is WHERE THE H- ARE THIER PARENTS?!  These costumes that the girls are wearing are only saying ONE thing and which is"I want to look like someone who has sex with strange men for a living." and at some point their parents are looking at what they bought and saying "oh honey, that looks so cute! Everyone is going to love it!" I'll tell you who are loving these costumes perverted, old, grey, stinky men who are masturbating behind the bushes are the ones who really love seeing girls in these ridiculous costumes. 

In short, GIRLS, STOP WEARING THESE COSTUMES!! Respect your self enough to wear appropriate costumes that do not degrade your bodies. And PARENTS, pay attention to what your children are doing and what they are wearing. Of course they may not be as innocent as what you want them to be, but allowing them to dress as porn stars and walk the streets is no way to teach them to respect themselves and even to protect them from the crazies that ARE out there. 

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