Monday, March 2, 2009

The Adventures of the Tooth Fairy

As promised here is what happened last weekend.

Sydney lost her third tooth. She had been working on loosing it for about a month and then in the middle of eating spaghetti at Skyline out it popped. And for your information, having someone's tooth fall out while you are eating, is DISGUSTING.

Earlier in the evening Sydney came into the kitchen and explained, aloud, that the Tooth Fairy was not to take her tooth, and how Sydney was going to write the Tooth Fairy a letter. I asked her why she was telling us this again. Her reply was "Well, the Tooth Fairy cannot read minds. So in order for her to know what to do you have to say it out loud." I just loved this, because of all the fictional characters that come and visit your house, the Tooth Fairy is the only one we do in our house. (well really its the only one I do in our house, Rob thinks the whole things is silly) Then after we made got home from Skyline, with the tooth securely in a baggie, Sydney comes out of her bedroom with a homemade envelope with a letter inside. I asked her what it was and she said that it was a letter to the Tooth Fairy.

Fast forward to Tooth Fairy time. In comes the Tooth Fairy and picks up the tooth and a letter. She opens it and this is what the letter said:

"Dear Tooth Fairy
Leave me a note Thank you
And be careful if you go on the toy box"
(which by the way was a total mess)

Needless to say the Tooth Fairy found some note cards just for this occasion and left a reply.

In the morning, the note was the talk of the house. You see, Henry had whispered to me before he went to bed that I should leave Sydney a note, so Henry said that I had left Sydney the note. Sydney's reply was, Mom doesn't have these note cards!

Maybe it is wrong to lie to my children about the existence of a fairy that comes in and "takes" your teeth (in Sydney's case it is just placing them in my jewelery box) and leaves you money instead. But I think that it is so exciting to see my children's minds just make up a whole world beyond theirs made up of teeth and fairies and American currency. And to my defense the Tooth Fairy is not affiliated with any Christian holiday.

Here is a picture of Sydney's letter. Notice the Tooth Fairy, I love her and her wings and her crown.


Kelly said...

FYI: at church Sydney showed me the Tooth Fairy note and said, "I thought it was my mom at first, but that's totally not her handwriting." So great work, Tooth Fairy!

Chris Salley said...

i love your kids!

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