Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthdays and Deathdays

I am have a conundrum in my head about this post... do I start with happy news and end with sad OR start with sad and end with happy?

I think I have figured it out...

Today is Sydney's 7th birthday!! Sydney calls today her Birthday, Birthday. Which means that this is the day she was born as opposed to tomorrow when we are going out to dinner with family for her birthday and Saturday when she is having her friend birthday party. I just love her words. 
With all of these parties there will definitely be pictures up later.

Today we also found out that Rob's grandpa passed away. This is very sad and he will be very much missed. It is weird how when this time comes you feel sad because he is gone, but mainly because there were so many stories he had that we will never get to hear.

We did get to have a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with him, last week, and he was excited about being there.
When we told the kids about him Sydney asked why he died and I told her, He was really old and sometimes your body gets tired and wants to...(here and couldn't think of the word to use and Syd finished the sentence) "retire." Just that little word made it all better for her, I think, and they are doing fine (for now).

So, there you have it, I started and ended the post on a happy note. 
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Chris Salley said...

you have a blog! yay! The rainbow ones were made by my friend.

Chris Salley said...

sorry to hear about robs grandfather. that's what i get for just getting really excited that you have a blog, leaving a comment, and then reading.

Kelly said...

Please tell Sydney that Steve, Kaelyn, and I say Happy Birthday!!!

Sorry to hear about Rob's grandpa. Glad you got some good time with him last week. And I like Syd's concept of "retiring." That's a nice way to think of it!