Monday, May 11, 2009


I am subbing right now and as a result I can't get onto facebook. Maybe that is a sign that I am attached to facebook a little too much... But since I haven't blogged for last week I figured I could blog right now.

Anyways, I wanted to tell everyone about my grades from my first year of Grad school. (Note: I don't think it is pompous to tell everyone that I'm in Grad School, which is why I tell everyone about it when I talk about school) I just checked my final grades and I got A's in both of my classes!! Which means that I have gotten ALL A's so far in grad school!!! That is really exciting! I have never gotten all A's in my college classes... at least post children college classes.

Also, just a few words about high schoolers. I LOVE them! (That is where I am subbing right now.) I have been listening to them reagale us with information about this past weekend. It was prom and apparently the "senior campout" and today is senior skip day. Oh Man!! Just the various discussions that are occuring... and thier passion about all of it is amazing. They talk about the events like they are the most important things ever.

Well, thanks for reading! I'll blog again later this week!

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