Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to catch a Chipmunk

Below you will find a very ingenious way to catch a chipmunk if one happens to be running around your bedroom.

Here you see a detailed illustration of how to catch chipmunks. Below you will find up-close of the coolest parts... The "trap" begins in the bottom left hand corner and proceeds around following the circles (herein known as nuts).

This is a close up of the the top left hand corner. As you can see the first number is 123, but it is crossed out, the second 15. The third is 23... apparently it takes 23 nuts to lure the chipmunk into the trap. (If you count the nuts there are 24, I think the last one is a treat to really get him in)
Tada! The chipmunk is in and as a special treat a bowl of nuts is waiting for him.

And thus you now have a way to successfully catch any chipmunk you may come into contact with.

NOTE: This process has not been actually tested and as far as we know the chipmunk left on its own accord.