Saturday, January 3, 2009

God's Insights

I'm sitting in my office getting ready for a meeting with my workers in the nursery which really has been planned for about a month but I did ZERO planning for it until Monday... OH the Holidays. And I thought to myself, "Yeah, Alicia, you may have all the t's crossed and the i's dotted, but have you every asked God to help you with this meeting? Maybe that is why you aren't feeling ready or why you didn't start working on the meeting until THIS week." So, I took a moment to say a little prayer. After I prayed I decided that I wanted to open my meeting up with a short little "devotional" and I turned to my bookshelf and grabbed a book I have had for a while and have yet to open it... Inside was some great words. The book is Leadership Essentials for Children's Ministry by Craig Jutila and the first two pages had what I was looking for and out of my pen came an entire page of words I want to say. They weren't just words though they were like little answers to prayers I have said about my lack of enjoyment in working in a church that sometimes seems to focus on procedures and guidelines instead of spreading Jesus' love or even, as it seems to me, relying on God and the work he has set out for us to do. 

So, now I am ready and feeling renewed and excited about getting started!!


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