Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 1 sans Rob

Rob left this morning for a mission trip to Memphis, Tennessee and he will be gone all week until Saturday ( at some unknown time). He hasn't been gone for a whole week for two years and not only is he gone, but his parents are gone (we live right next to them), AND my parents. So, needless to say I am feeling a little abandoned today and lonely. (The lonely part I think is due to the time of the month and not necessarily my lack of friends and support people to talk to)

I thought to maybe pass the time I would blog each day this week about what we did... Not necessarily to keep Rob up-to-date, because he didn't take his laptop, but to just do something that will fill the void and try my hand at blogging everyday.

So, to start off with the kids and I rolled out of bed at about 10ish this morning. (I would just say the lateness was because it was Saturday, but with school being out, I have been getting up about this time everyday... I need to stop it) Then I was feeling all sad and depressed and I didn't really feel like doing anything, so we argued about what we wanted to do for "breakfast" until about 11:30. At which time we just went over to the in-laws and watched TV and ate bad, bad food, Until we left for my nephews birthday party... at 2. At the party, which was super fun, we played The Price is Right games (my nephew LOVES The Price is Right) and had cake and ice cream. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner. Finally we went grocery shopping for the week and came home.

I know, You are thinking "What an interesting life Alicia leads!" But, alas, it has only been one day... wait until you hear what the rest of the week holds in store for us!!

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