Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 2 sans Rob

Well, Day 2 went well'ish (I love modifying words with "'ish" it just embodies every meaning I mean it to mean)

Since today is Sunday and the one day of the week I have to work, it is always pretty stressful. But we got out of the house and to church fairly on time, with NO hassles!! Which is extraordinary. Even church went well. I did have to sit down and talk with a boy... who just happened to be attending for the first time... because of his behavior, but even that went well. And the lessons went great and almost all of my teachers were there... so the first third went a definite Well.

Second third: I got to take a nap! This is a rarity because usually we are at Rob's parents and I don't feel like I can take a nap or really even leave until it is necessary. But, since everyone is out of town, lunch was at my house with my food and on my time. Which means we were finished and laying down to do nothing the rest of the afternoon by 1:30!!

Last third: Went to Echo. For those of you who don't know Echo is the church we go to in Walnut Hills. It is great and I LOVE it!! This week we were finishing up talking about women and what 1 Corinthians and Paul says about us.... I'm sorry Steve, but I feel like the thesis of your "sermon" didn't really come to fruition. But, I enjoyed it anyway and I mixed it up and sat on the opposite side of the room with Melissa and the other "single ladies." However, on the way home the kids got the best of me... I yelled at them twice. And it wasn't because they were being "bad" it was because they just kept finding ways to blatantly ignore what I was asking them to do. By the time we got home I wanted nothing more than to lock them in their room and have myself a glass of wine. (Only the latter half of this I did) Instead, we finished chapter 3 of The Swiss Family Robinson... which is a great book!! (Maybe I will talk about it more in another edition of this blog) And went to bed, without any problems!

The plan for tomorrow is work (with the kids in tow) and Bible study!
See you then

P.S. Also, I'm trying my hand at growing strawberries and my first two started getting some red on them today!!! I'll have pictures tomorrow.

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Raches said...

Please continue to update on your strawberries! Just this week I thought about starting my own little patch but I have no gardening skills whatsoever...

Glad your week is going well!