Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 3 sans Rob

Well, I think it is safe to say that today went great! We had a rough start to the morning... including me yelling at the kids because they brought a book into the car a few days ago, left it there, then a half empty cup of coffee fell into the mix and got all over the book. I made them clean out the entire back of the car.

But work with the kids went well. I actually got a lot finished and started and they were so good when I had to go to the T-shirt place and give them my files. With VBS less than 13 days away, I am beginning to feel the crunch and with Rob gone this week I think it is weighing on me a bit more.

After work I took the kids to the library to get their first prize for the summer reading program, they were so excited! A funny consequence occurred because of the trip. For Syd to get her prize today she chose to get a CD of music to dance to (it was either that or read a book), so I let them each get a CD. Well, then we got home and I realized that we don't actually have a working CD player besides our computers... ha ha. So, we have yet to listen to the music and dance; which Syd pointed out is kind of cheating, but I don't really think so because we listen to music and dance all the time, just not to Cd's... from the library or anywhere else. The whole thing yet again reminded me that I need to get the kids a working CD player... maybe we will look for one this week. (Side note: Do any of my readers have one they don't use anymore? I would really like to not buy one)

After day activities we got to home activities. Tonight I had Bible Study with the ladies from Echo! It was the first one that I have gotten to attend and even though I was mildly distracted with the kids being with a new babysitter (more on that in a minute) and not being prepared AT ALL I loved it! It is so nice to be able to go to a Bible Study, where not only do we study the Bible, but I am with a group of ladies are all similar in age/lifestyle/church beliefs as myself. I actually do not think that I have ever been to Bible Study like this before... and sad to admit, but the last serious group I was in was over 5 years ago and I was the youngest one there. So, thank you ladies for being there and having this Bible Study!

Babysitter: It has been a really long time since we have actually gotten a babysitter, usually we get our parents to watch the kids and we are out till wee hours of the morn...not being parents. But this week is special and so I got us a babysitter. And I think she is great! She even made the kids brush their teeth before bed!! She is a high schooler and she goes to our church. The best thing is that when I was subbing I "overheard" her talk about how she had just taken babysitting courses, so she is all prepared in the babysitting department, including CPR/rescue breathing! I haven't gotten to talk to the kids about her (Since they were asleep when I got home, but I think they had a good time too), but I think it is safe to say she will be back other times during the summer!

So that was Day 3. And I have a strawberry update! I discovered that Rob took the camera, so the first picture (from yesterday) is from my phone and then I videoed the one from today.

As my parenthesis says this was from yesterday

This is how both of them look today! I am so excited!

I have a feeling that I need to move them to the ground, because my other set seems to be sending out runners, but I don't know where to put them. I hope that they will be ok. Also, don't you love the Tinker Toy/curling ribbon support device I have made for them! I am thinking in the fall or next spring that I will make a raised garden and plant more edible things. In addition to my strawberries I have 4 tomato plants, but they aren't doing anything yet. I'll keep you posted on them too.

And so completes Day 3. Tomorrow, another day of work, including a Dr.s Appt, dinner with my Nana and Papaw, and maybe the Drive-In!!! WOW!


Alicia said...

Oh man this is a long one, sorry.

Chris Salley said...

i bet we have a cd player around here somewhere.

Raches said...

goodwill is pretty good for those things