Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 7 sans Rob

Tomorrow I will get to be with my husband!!! I got a text from him this evening saying that he will be leaving Memphis at 5 (so less than 5 hours away).. The sad thing is that I think he will be home about 3 hours before I get to see him. Because not only is Rob getting back home tomorrow, but my parents are too!! (And I have to pick them up from the airport)

So, let me tell you about THE BEST night EVER!!! Henry and I went to the Reds game, we had the best seats... (5 rows from the outfield), they hit a home room and it landed about 10 rows behind us... which meant there were Homerun Fireworks... AND then THEY WON!!! OH, but that is not all, there was a whole firework show after the game too! During the game Henry said two of the best lines ever. The first was when he was sitting eating a sno-cone and he said "Mom, you spoil me..." The second came in the middle of the fireworks show and he screamed, "THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER! and not just because the Reds won!"

There was a side part to the evening too. On our way to the game I get a call from Syd's Girl Scout Camp leader. They were scared of the storms that might come tonight and they decided to have all the girls go home for the night... at 9:30... in the middle of the game. I was like WHAT am I supposed to do? Especially since no one is home to get her except for me. Then I remembered that my Nana does drive and is able to pick up Syd for me...Thank goodnes for family. Needless to say, my Nana picked up Syd and when we came through town after the game we picked Syd up.

Now, I am sitting in my in-laws bed, getting ready to go to sleep. For so many reasons I chose to sleep here. The biggest, it is FREAKING hot and they have AC.

So, tomorrow, is a busy day, full of home comings and funness! I think I am going to do a recap-what I have learned from a week of being a single mom.

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Chris Salley said...

You spoil me. That is great.