Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5 sans Rob

There is only 2ish days left to go!!!

Today went sooo well. The kids had a great day and I had a great productive day. We went shopping and I spent WAY too much money. Right now I am finishing up Elizabethtown... I borrowed it from my mother-in-law who got it for Christmas years ago and had NEVER opened it... So, I did it for her. I can't decide if it is good or not... But I am a humongus fan of Kirsten Dunst... I feel that any movie she is in (that I have seen) is made even better just because she is in it... It is for sure that Orlando Bloom did not make the movie... he is kind of annoying. Kind of wierd though, right now he is traveling though Memphis...

Well, this one is short, because even though I'm still up and I still need to take a shower, I need to wake up at 7 tomorrow... It is going to be such a long day.

I think I used too many elipses today.

I also think, the last 20ish minutes of the movie made the whole thing... well, wait Orlando Bloom is talking to his Dad's urn... Why does his hair always look wet?

Ok, its finished... very cheesy ending. I don't think I will want to watch it again... It wasn't that good.

Tomorrow, Syd goes to Girl Scout Camp, Henry is in a video about worms, and I only have 1 and a half more days till I get to see my husband again!!!

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