Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 4 sans Rob

What a great day! Work, went well... I got a lot done with and without the kids. Dr's appointment went well. But the best part of the day was this evening!

Since my parents are away on vacation for two weeks... gallivanting through the west and far Midwest... my grandparents (affectionately known as Nana and Papaw) came to town to watch the house and my great grandmother. Usually on Tuesdays Rob is at class and the kids and I hang out with my parents and my Nana said that while Mom and Dad were away they would like to have us over for dinner both of the Tuesdays. Last Tuesday we went and it was nice and I told them that I would like to fix dinner this week. So, that is exactly what I did. I even experimented! For dinner I made lemon-pepper chicken on the grill (of course!) and corn-on-the-cob... As for my experiment, I felt like having some potatoes, but mashed potatoes are like the furthest thing from healthy for me. So, I thought that I would maybe roast some potatoes and even try grilling them. Well, let me tell you, they were AMAZING!! Even the ones that were black because they stayed on the bottom too long were delicious!! My Nana and Papaw loved the dinner, the kids loved the dinner! I was so happy!

Something else crazy happened today. My parents' dog bit me! And I think it may have caused a break in our relationship (the dog and me). I mean, I was really pissed off that he did it and then later on in the evening he proceeded to steal a cob off the table and that did not help the situation. I don't know... we will see. Now, for those of you who might be worried, it was nothing serious, he did break the skin, it was on my wrist, but there wasn't a lot of blood or anything. Now I just have a band-aid on and it looks like I tried to slit my wrist.

Because I of the rain I decided not to go to the drive-in (and we had already seen the movie) but the kids and I did cuddle on the couch and watch The Tale of Despereaux. It was a cute movie. And it totally completed the GREAT evening!

On another note: A friend of mine, her husband left this week for Iraq and it totally has put this whole week into perspective for me. In fact, just thinking about it makes these past few blogs feel very selfish. I mean, yeah, my husband is gone for 7 days, but her husband is gone for 188 days TO IRAQ. I don't think I could survive something like that. So, my prayers are with her and her husband and his safety.

Well, Wednesday is on its way! It means 1 day until Syd leaves for Girl Scout Camp (her first official over-night camp and she is REALLY nervous) and more days without Rob has gone past than how many remain until he returns!

One other note... I am really enjoying this blogging everyday thing. And I was thinking about continuing it... even if it is about trite stuff like what I did today. In fact, I really need to begin working on loosing weight... most of what I lost in '07 is returning... so I was thinking about doing a Bridget Jones thing... to give myself some accountability and stuff... Maybe.

Ok, that's all for tonight!

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