Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 6 sans Rob

Ok, this week just keeps getting better and better! And I know it is going to end well, because EVERYONE will be home! Today was no exception to the better'ness!

We woke up bright and early (much to early for not going to sleep until 11'ish, for the kids, and 3'ish, for myself) and was out of the door on time to take Syd to Girl Scout camp. If Rob had not taken the camera without letting me know, there would probably be pictures to include with this post. We got to Chilo, put her bags in her yurt, met her leader, gave big hugs and kisses, said goodbye and Henry and I were off to WCET studios downtown! (All within an hour of each other)

We were at CET because a friend of ours works there and asked Henry (and Syd but she was away) to be in a video about worms and it was taped today. Of Course Henry had a great time, he has been mentioning worm facts at random times during the day. I will totally post a link to the video when it is up for everyone to see.

After the video taping Henry and I went to Northside for lunch, where we ran into a friend of ours and we had lunch together at Melt... which was DELICIOUS (but kind of pricey)

Then it was home for a nap. I love it when you ask your child if he is tired, because he is whining and crabby and he just yawned, and his response is "No..."

After nap time, swimming! My first all season... which made me just want to put on sweats and a baggy T-shirt and make it my last. But it also made me decide that by the end of summer the inner tube will not be able to stay around my waist without me holding on to it.

Then after that was a bike trip! Rob told Henry to make me take him for bike rides and that is just what he did. And By Golly! We had a great time! We rode 5.6 miles, got chased my a dog that was about the size of my foot (and almost chased by one much bigger), and LOVED every minute of it. When we left for the trip Henry said he wanted to visit his Aunt and Uncle that live behind us, so we visited them on our way home, which was also very nice!

After that half a movie and ice cream...

BUT, I almost forgot the best part! Today the Reds played a 12:30 game, so when we were in town Henry and I were talking about it. He wanted to go, but the game had already started, so it gave me the idea to check and see if they are in town tomorrow... Well, they are and so Henry and I are going to the game!!! I'm not sure who is more excited!

So, tomorrow's plan, a little bit of work in the morning, swimming, a bike ride, dinner (probably other meals too), REDS GAME!!! (Maybe I will find a camera and take pictures)


Melissa said...

I'll be at the Reds game tomorrow too!

Raches said...

I love Melt.
I'm jealous!